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My name is part of my parents imagination, and so what they imagined made me who I am, but God had already made my blueprint! I'm 21! I'm a Haitian-American. A citizen of the World, and If you look at a Map of the U.S. i'm located on the right side all the way at the top. Almost broke && Attending College. I'm chunky && PROUD, we can't all be skinny so wtf would i look like if i followed the trends of being the average size! I love fashion, but fashion is a part of one's imagination so i believe fashion has its own definition it all depnds on who you ask what it is! I take no credit for these images (unless stated)! Photography is....ARt, Fashion, love, life, & etc....
Keeping it Real is all I can do in life, fCk the FAKES,

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Feeling fresh to death ! Lol #turban #watch #bored !  (Taken with instagram)

Feeling fresh to death ! Lol #turban #watch #bored ! (Taken with instagram)

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